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Most Trusted Injury News

Access to the “most trusted” Fantasy Sports Injury Information. We’re sports medicine doctors and specialists who have a history of treating professional athletes.  We know more about injuries than any other source.


Real-Time Player Updates

Our staff is working 24/7 to provide updates on player injuries.  When a player gets hurt on a Sunday past midnight, you can visit FantasySportsMD to find the details or allow us to provide you with an email update.


Fantasy Injury Content

We have a complete library of all injuries that NFL players sustain.  Want to know what is a high ankle sprain and how it can affect you’re running back and a return to play timeline?  Our content was written by top sports medicine doctors specifically for Fantasy Sports Players.


Message Alerts

Whats sounds better…Constantly checking online for player updates or allow us to do that for your.  We provide player injury alerts via email or text message.  Our alert engine is based on your players so you’re not bombarded by  non-relevant alerts.


Save Time and Make Money

Do you find yourself jumping to multiple sources to find the most comprehensive piece on a players injuries?  Are there times when you just can’t be checking up on your players?  With the time you are saving and the money you’re winning, FantasySportsMD should pay for itself over and over.  You’ll also gain an advantage over you’re fantasy buddies and players.

What Our Fans Are Saying


“Getting real time injury alerts from top sports medicine doctors gives me great confidence about whether to pick a player. Their understanding of the injuries and how it will affect the fantasy player is of great value.” 

Alan Snow, CT


“I don’t make a decision on who to play without checking with FantasySportsMD to make sure the player is healthy. They have saved me over and over again from making bad player decisions.” 

John Craft, MA


“I’m the type of fantasy player who want to know more than my player has a knee injury.  Understanding the injury, how long the player will be inactive, and their performance upon return is of great value.  Nice job!”

John Cioffi, NJ

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