Jamaal Charles Expected to be ready for training camp

Jamaal Charles Expected to be ready for training camp

Jamaal Charles suffered the season-ending injury back in October and is reportedly ahead of schedule. He tore his other ACL early in the 2011 season, but bounced back strong with 1,509 rushing yards on 5.3 yards per carry in 2012. If he does make it back for training camp, Charles should once again be among the first three or four running backs selected in any format.  Source: CBSSports.com

“Jamaal is not ready right now, as we didn’t think he would be,” Chiefs trainer Rick Burkholder said. “You’ll see them a little bit at the [offseason practices] and minicamps in some limited work and we anticipate, with no setbacks, they’ll be fine by the time we’re ready to go in July.”


FantasySportsMD Thoughts:  Many NFL players have difficulty the first year returning to sport after ACL surgery. Whether it’s because of fear, weakness, decreased conditioning to return to a specific position, or biology, many players are reported as well as are witnessed not to perform at optimal levels until 2(+) years post-op. In football, a line-man who has good power and strength will generally be more effective initially, than a wide receiver. The demands placed on the ACL are greater for a wide receiver or running back due to cutting, speed, and agility levels required, than a line-man that only needs to run 5-10 yards in a straight plane motion. A palyer’s position will play a major role in how quickly they can return to sport, and how effective they will be.


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