Jamaal Charles’ ACL rehab has progressed to jumping rope

Jamaal Charles’ ACL rehab has progressed to jumping rope

Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles tore his ACL in Week 5 of this past season. Four months and eight days later, he’s jumping rope and working on his balance.

Nobody else doing this four months after surgery! #WorkToWinhttps://t.co/uYgRm0dErN

It’s great to see Charles working his way back into shape. He’s one of the best running backs of recent vintage, and one of the most efficient on a per-carry basis in NFL history. This is also the second ACL tear of his career, as he also suffered the injury back in 2011.

If he’s already jumping rope and doing balance and strength exercises, it sure looks like he’s on track to be ready by the start of next season. Now 29 years old, Charles likely doesn’t have much time left as an elite-level running back, but it’s worth noting that he has less tread on his tires than typical 29-year old backs due to his low usage early in his career. That low usage might be negated by the two knee injuries, though, so it’ll be interesting to watch how his performance is affected by that balance.

Source: CBS Sports



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