Concussions among NFL players in 2015

Concussions among NFL players in 2015

Concussions among NFL players — sustained in practice and games, both preseason and regular-season — reached a four-year high in 2015, according injury data the league released Friday.

Of the 271 reported concussions, more than a third — 92, also a four-year high — were the result of helmet-to-helmet contact, despite the league’s efforts to reduce that type of hit, especially against defenseless players.

Concussions are a hot-button topic in the NFL as more is learned at CTE and the long-term effect of brain trauma, particularly on players who sustain multiple concussions.

Intensified concussion protocol elements this year (press box monitor, self-reporting, etc.) contributed to higher total, NFL senior VP Jeff Miller said (via 670 The Score in Chicago).


Concussions by NFL Player Position


Concussions by NFL Team


To see the NFL’s entire injury data report, click here.

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