Catapult system helping Alabama with injury recovery and prevention

Catapult system helping Alabama with injury recovery and prevention

You would be hard-pressed to find any medical team in the country or even in the NFL doing a better job of getting players back from serious injuries and preventing avoidable injuries altogether.  In addition to having people like Cain and Allen who are leaders in their respective fields, Alabama has benefited the last two years from the use of a GPS tracking system from Catapult Sports.

The Catapult system is utilized by 36 colleges, 15 NFL franchises as well as teams in other sports, according to the company’s website.  It’s been an asset for the Tide with injured players as well as with injury prevention.  There are more than 200 data points that can be measured, Allen said. Alabama focuses on four.

“It’s a great way to measure workload and know when a guy is maybe heading toward having an injury,” Allen said. “We know the norms for these guys. I know how fast Calvin Ridley generally runs. I know how explosive he is. If he starts to really drop below that, then something’s wrong. Or I know, on average, that Calvin may run seven to eight thousand yards in practice. If all of a sudden we go out there and he runs nine to 10 thousand yards and does that consistently for two to three days, ‘Hey coach, we’ve got to be careful with him. We’re really overloading him.’ News via


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